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DAQA specializes in game production services, live game operations and multiplayer test programs, providing custom built, technology-driven solutions for game studios.

Tailor Made Solutions

‘DAQA is the Concierge of Game Quality’

Scaled Beta Testing

Tailor-made next generation scaled testing, powered by a powerful, interactive player data reporting portal.

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Focus & Play Testing

Highly specialized and customized testing, designed to deeply assess core playability, usability, story arcs, difficulty curves, and player research.

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Live Quality Operations & Fire Teams

On-demand live ops transition teams, comprised of elite staff members with extensive industry experience.

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Quality Program Development

Building world-class, high performing QA organizations to meet the ever-evolving needs of game quality.

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Player Intelligence & Analysis

Cuttine-edge tools and technologies to fully understand player sentiment from a user-experience perspective.

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Executive Counsel

Tap into independent, expert knowledge to transform global production operations, level-up in-house skill sets, and effectively utilize and manage external service providers.

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Game Production Services

Expert resources to assist game studios in building top-performing game production organizations across a multitude of disciplines and platforms.

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DAQA has crafted services that feature unique capabilities, delivered by an industry-experienced team.

The DAQA Difference:

  • High touch interactions with DAQA leadership, every step of the way.
  • Innovative, flexible solutions with no retainer fees or minimum contracts.
  • Custom-built solutions to meet the unique needs of each studio & project.
  • Fully vetted and proven “right fit” partner services and technologies.
  • High-retention test community, compensated above market.
  • Extensive experience transitioning to and managing live quality operations.
  • Interactive, configurable real-time data reporting.

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How We Work

DAQA supports clients in building the required foundation of industry leading global production operations, with the future-proofed ability to scale and flex as your studio requirements grow.

Executive Counsel

Providing analysis and strategy to studio leadership on business transformation for game production operations.

Studio Enablement

Consultative advisory to studio management teams, actionable planning, recommendations and implementation.

Team Empowerment

Working with production teams to identify gaps in set-up, building requisite systems, processes and best practice.

Case Studies

Case Study

Original IP Self-publishing Studio


Evaluated studio production operation on behalf of executive management team, including root cause analysis and release cadence impact on overall set-up. Defined strategy for global production support operations with actionable recommendations on internal structure and external partner management strategy. Provided ongoing counsel to studio leadership and production teams.

Case Study

Licensed IP F2P Studio


Complete QA transformation on behalf of studio leadership, including long-term vision and road map. Provided full quality program implementation for test process & coverage, mapped workflows, defined team set-up and structure. Recommendation then operationalization of best practice for all QA disciplines including internal certification, device performance testing, live-ops QA, localization QA, third party QA and automation/CATT approach.

Case Study

Multi-title Self-publishing Company


Large-scale, global beta testing for multiple AAA multiplayer titles on current and next generation consoles as well as PC. Identified, triaged, and determined root cause of multiple critical blocking issues before games were released.

Case Study

Global Game Publisher


Ensured clean, successful launch of live game, provided bespoke end to end solution relating to beta and live-ops testing. Proposed solution included set-up, remote team management, platform and data analysis, providing a holistic view of player-related live quality issues. Solution enabled robust, efficient live-ops QA once the game was live and fully operational.

Case Study

AAA Action/Shooter Studio


Evaluated internal QA group pre-acquisition, providing actionable recommendations to the executive team on future state and structure.

Case Study

Multiplayer Online Gaming Platform


Performed weekly massive-scale multiplayer online beta tests. Customized data analysis and reporting allowed for high-quality live game content updates.

Case Study

Global Game Publisher


Performed multiple focus tests on all titles prior to launch. Delivered in-depth data analysis on usability, difficulty curves, game controls, story arcs, and general design/gameplay, augmented by player recordings. Fire Teams also deployed to complete functional test passes prior to each game launch.

Case Study

Live Mobile Game Studio


Augmented internal QA efforts with dynamic and skilled Fire Teams prior to each release. Identified critical defects and quality issues, allowing for a smooth launch of live content.

Who We Are

DAQA is a team of game industry veterans, who understand the unique challenges faced by game studios to launch and maintain hit games.

Cherry 'RuiTong' Xu

Project Lead (She/Her)

Cherry joined DAQA in 2021 and since then has been testing a wide range of games with the community. Cherry is also our resident graphic designer and has been instrumental in assembling many of our marketing materials.

As a kid, Cherry adored art and gaming, particularly MMORPG genres and loved exploring glitches within each game. She shares that same excitement now towards finding bugs and exploits while testing at DAQA.

Having previously lived in China, Australia, USA, and now England with her husband, Cherry has a broad experience of different cultures which allowed her to grow as a person along with helping to build meaningful connections with others and within.

In her spare time, Cherry is passionate about bad jokes, music, food, photography, Toastmasters, and advocating for diversity, racial justice, abuse and grief.

Brismal Cordero

Project Lead (He/Him)

Brismal is an avid fan of video games and has been since he could hold a controller. That love for gaming translates well into the field of quality assurance, where he always strives to make games the best they could be. Since joining DAQA in 2020, Brismal has testing and leading projects of various sizes and developing best practices to guide the DAQA tester community.

With nearly 5 years of QA experience on phones, tablets, PC and multiple consoles, Brismal continues lend his expertise as a member of the DAQA core team.

In his spare time aside from gaming, he enjoys watching animated shows, reading mysteries and generally being interested in the world of technology as a whole.

Andromeda Star

Project Lead (They/She)

Andromeda has been breaking games as QA professional for over a decade, working across all platforms and genres. As a DAQA Project Lead, they have led or participated in every type of project, including interfacing with client game studios with much acclaim.

A passionate lifelong gamer, few things make them as happy as deploying their detail-obsessed mad genius brain, and almost inhuman level of tenacity, to hunt down and document obscure game breaking bugs.

In addition to being a gamer, Andromeda is also: a Lambda Literary Award nominated writer; a chronic Dungeons and Dragons addict; a musician; a martial arts instructor; landscape photographer; and proud parent to a giant bunny, whom they will enthusiastically show off cute photos and videos of to anyone that doesn’t tell them to stop.

Mark Chapman

Project Lead (He/Him)

A qualified remediation biologist who transferred out of the field and into the games industry.

With a broad depth of experience in QA testing over the years, Mark participated in or led the testing of over 35 game titles.

An avid gamer himself, Mark joined DAQA in Spring 2020 and has since developed a range of core skills relating to project coordination, documentation and community management.

He has a passion for cultural heritage and cooking, which lends itself to a strong focus on quality, experimentation and exploration.

Rosie Royston

Project Lead (She/Her)

Rosie has more than 6 years’ experience testing games, ranging from traditional QA to usability testing across a multitude of game genres and platforms.

She is passionate about games, from gaming hardware to new game releases, and news. Rosie studied gaming at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and is one of DAQA’s accomplished project leads.

Rosie is a “technophile”, interested in all things tech, from the latest hardware such as phones, computer hardware and the latest consoles.

Lien Quach

Project Lead (She/Her/They/Them)

Lien is a user experience designer and a project lead for DAQA.

She crafts thoughtful products by listening to people and designing inclusive solutions to enhance their experiences. On her off hours, she applies her design and user research skills to her beloved hobby, games. It’s her passion to make games accessible, fun, and approachable to everyone from all walks of life.

As a team lead, she loves diving down into data and feedback from testers regarding their experiences as they play the latest project. Synthesizing player feedback, frustrations, pain points, and accolades is always a highlight for every project she works on.

Outside of work, Lien surrounds herself with cute things such as Sumikko Gurashi, marine animal plushies, and Pokémon. She also watches an unhealthy amount of cute bunny videos.

David Stow

Project Lead (He/Him)

David has over 4 years of QA experience, and a keen interest in IT and game production, having played games his entire life.

David has a strong background in problem solving; having completed 4 years of college, 2 of which were in IT with a focus on game design & production, with additional focus on software design & networking.

He has a fascination with music, enjoying all kinds of genres and instruments, pursuing knowledge, always striving to improve and learn whenever possible.

Working with DAQA to develop skills in project management and coordination, David has been vital in leading some of our largest projects.

Selena Emrey

Project Lead (She/Her)

Selena’s love for video games brought her into the world of quality assurance. She is a champion at QA, with over six years’ experience under her belt. She has tested many types of games across all platforms including phones, tablets, consoles, and PC.

As part of the core team at DAQA, Selena leads projects, writes project reports summarizing player feedback, reports game defects, and performs data analysis of trends that occur during testing. Selena holds a Foundation Level ISTQB certification which augments her experiences in DAQA.

Selena attended community college and received an AAS in business, as well as a certificate in professional baking and cake decorating.

Adam Testerman

Sr. Software Developer (He/Him)

Adam Testerman is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience developing websites, apps, and games of all kinds. His love of video games has proven beneficial throughout his time with DAQA tests, while his skills in programming continue to produce tools for DAQA's clients.

Joe Kemp

Business Development (He/Him)

Joe has managed, led and been a part of many QA teams throughout the games industry.
Career highlights include working for renowned companies such as Rebellion, Keywords and more. He also assisted with community support, human resources and software development.

Joe focuses on DAQA's business development, determining best-fit solutions for game studios and applying his expertise.

Grant Efland

QA Supervisor (He/Him)

Customer service and account management professional, with 20 + years of experience across multiple Fortune 500 Companies, including management of multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes.

Grant has enjoyed gaming from the Atari 2600 system to the current generation of consoles, testing games for the past 15 years. He graduated with a B.B.A from Northern State University.

Grant is a car enthusiast and regularly participates in the annual SEMA convention in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Williams

Project Manager (He/Him)

Jon is a 20-year veteran of the video game industry, with a distinguished career focused on Quality Assurance and production.

As the founder of the QA department at SquareSoft, he led teams on such franchises as Final Fantasy VII–XI and Kingdom Hearts. Highlights of his career include a 98% success rate on all first-time submissions to SCEA for the Final Fantasy series (VII-X) as well as additional titles submitted from 1996-2002.

Jon also founded the QA department at Sammy Studios where, in addition to managing QA, he created internal and external Focus Group programs for evaluating titles in development, and coordinated testing schedules with production teams and assets for the PR and Marketing departments. In addition, Jon was handpicked by the Sammy Studios CEO to direct and manage a core team of six production staff while also maintaining his role as the Senior QA Manager.

Above all, Jon embraces opportunities that enable him to, “Help when I can, where I can,” as this is his core philosophy.

Tim Hudson

QA Manager (He/Him)

Tim Hudson is a data analyst and program manager with experience working in Fortune 500 companies.

Professional highlights include leading the DSL rollout for Earthlink in Washington State and Oregon. Managed Tier 1 and 2 support for AOL, Lexmark, and Stream Global Services for corporate clients.

10-year beta QA tester for numerous game studios. A+/N+ certified, with extensive knowledge of data automation, analysis, and real-time reporting tools.

Devin Seto

Managing Partner (He/Him)

Game development professional with a career spanning nearly 20 years of shipping critically acclaimed titles across multiple platforms. Career highlights include Head of Studio for a groundbreaking blockchain game company, VP of Product for a patented mobile health technology platform, and Executive Producer at Zynga for FarmVille and Texas Hold’em Poker. He was also Head of Operations for LucasArts, working primarily on Star Wars branded titles.

Devin managed quality assurance for multi-platinum console sports games at Electronic Arts Canada. Whilst there, he also set-up the QA computer assisted and automated test program, which was widely adopted across all studios globally.

He taught the QA course for the Vancouver Film School’s prestigious game design program. In addition Devin is an Agile and business Coach for various software startups, a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Ben Wibberley

Non-executive Advisor (He/Him)

Founded DAQA and has over 20 years’ experience in the video games industry primarily in global production support BPO. As a co-founder of Babel Media, he took the company from concept to being one of the largest game multi-service providers.

At DDM, he set-up up a virtual services network for self-publishing AAA game studios. Then at VMC he took responsibility for business development and account management for games and entertainment.

Having signed, grown and managed $100m’s of production support deals for QA, localization, player support and external development, Ben has an intimate knowledge of industry best practices through his work with some of the most prominent names in the industry.

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