one mission

to be the best games production operations agency in the world

DAQA was founded with one mission - to be the best games production operations agency in the world.

We assembled trusted industry veterans, identified specialized teams and partnered with uniquely focused software solutions to enable our clients to build world class game production operations for their studios.

The old models of production are becoming unsustainable, outsourcing of services has become homogenized. There are more efficient methods to implementing optimal structures within internal teams and for differentiating unique benefits from externally sourced services.

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Utilizing distributed models allows studios to grow their portfolio meaningfully, by building internally only what truly adds to the core ethos of the studio, providing tangible intrinsic value.

Our clients use DAQA as an independent, expert counsel to transform their global production operations, level-up in-house skill sets, effectively utilize and manage external service providers.

We are their secret weapon, taking away production headaches and empowering internal teams with a best in class legacy.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the game development community, DAQA have helped to spearhead an industry initiative Leaders in Games Quality, initially intended to support further establishing QA as a discipline, to promote diversity and to educate, empower and mentor the next generation of leaders.

What we do

DAQA specializes in helping studios with strategic guidance and advisory for optimizing game production operations, roll-out of recommendations based on that analysis and by providing bespoke solutions for game related projects.

Our team are among the industry’s most experienced experts in quality assurance, localization, player support, external development, international production and live operations.

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DAQA skill-sets cover production, operations, strategic business development, key account management, product and program management, our platform knowledge spans all major formats including PC, console, handheld and mobile.

Additionally, DAQA has an extensive global industry network to provide our clients access to trusted resources and specialized teams. The right talent, at the right time, provides the best possible set-up for each project.

Strategic Guidance

By working in partnership we provide an independent external perspective to the challenges that your studio may be facing. These challenges are usually multi-faceted, so we help you identify the root causes and make actionable recommendations.

We are a medium-term option that provides experienced leadership to help stabilize your studio operation and then set it up for continued success. After this enablement process we then transition responsibilities back to your internal teams and phase out.

DAQA supports clients in building the required foundation of industry leading global production operations, with the future-proofed ability to scale and flex as your studio requirements grow.

Executive Counsel

Providing analysis and strategy to studio leadership on business transformation for game production operations.

Studio Enablement

Consultative advisory to studio management teams, actionable planning, recommendations and implementation.

Team Empowerment

Working with production teams to identify gaps in set-up, building requisite systems, processes and best practice.

Bespoke Projects

DAQA approaches all projects on a case by case basis, analyzing the unique challenges that the client is trying to solve and creating a customized solution based on our investigation.

Bespoke project solutions include:

Identification, negotiation, on-boarding, management of outsource service studios and projects.

Due diligence for engine migration, engineering, co-development and porting.

Identification of opportunities for automation and computer assisted testing tools.

Game technologies for QA, player support and community business intelligence.

Remote play, usability and UX testing options and advisory.

Closed/open beta testing frameworks approach and set-up.

Pre/post release remote live-ops QA roll-out and management.

Game submission organization and execution on PC, console and mobile.

Solving complex challenges for international production, live operations and external development.


From our deep experience we know that each studio’s culture and every game have unique attributes, based on these DAQA then helps create effective structures to manage future growth and scale.

We design bespoke solutions, blending specific requirements with custom strategies, utilizing the right tools and set-up to ensure successful project execution.

By configuring innovative, industry-leading solutions and providing ongoing support, DAQA enables studios and empowers teams with the required expertise and processes to effectively implement robust global production operation transformations.

Case Studies

Case Study

Original IP self-publishing studio


Provided ongoing operational senior management level role for global production support and external services. Defined strategy for the executive team and helped build an external services group to support both first and third party initiatives for production support and all XD disciplines including art, animation, engineering, co-dev and porting.

Case Study

Licensed IP F2P studio


Complete QA transformation on behalf of studio leadership, including long-term vision and road map. Provided full quality program implementation for test process & coverage, mapped workflows, defined team set-up and structure. Recommendation then operationalization of best practice for all QA disciplines including internal certification, device performance testing, live-ops QA, localization QA, third party QA and automation/CATT approach.

Case Study

Multi-title self-publishing studio


Evaluated studio production operation on behalf of executive management team, including root cause analysis and release cadence impact on overall set-up. Defined strategy for global production support operations with actionable recommendations on internal structure and external partner management strategy. Provided ongoing counsel to studio leadership and production teams.

Case Study

Global game studio publisher


Ensured clean, successful launch of live game, provided bespoke end to end solution relating to beta and live-ops testing. Proposed solution included set-up, remote team management, platform and data analysis, providing a holistic view of player-related live quality issues. Solution enabled robust, efficient live-ops QA once the game was live and fully operational.

Case Study

AAA action/shooter studio


Evaluated internal QA group pre-acquisition, providing actionable recommendations to the executive team on future state and structure.

Case Study

Multiple publishing studio clients


Provided global game submission services to game platforms, device manufacturers and digital storefronts for console, mobile and PC.

Case Study

Multiple technology service clients


Founder advisory, executive guidance, strategy and business development for companies whose unique technologies augment the manual process of QA, player support and community intelligence.

Who We Are

DAQA is a team of experienced game operations professionals who believe that living by our core values enables better results for our clients.

Devin Seto

Managing Partner

Game development professional with a career spanning nearly 20 years of shipping critically acclaimed titles across multiple platforms. Career highlights include Head of Studio for a groundbreaking blockchain game company, VP of Product for a patented mobile health technology platform, and Executive Producer at Zynga for FarmVille and Texas Hold’em Poker. He was also Head of Operations for LucasArts, working primarily on Star Wars branded titles.

Devin managed quality assurance for multi-platinum console sports games at Electronic Arts Canada. Whilst there, he also set-up the QA computer assisted and automated test program, which was widely adopted across all studios globally.

He taught the QA course for the Vancouver Film School’s prestigious game design program. In addition Devin is an Agile and business Coach for various software startups, a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Edward Buffery

Senior Operations Partner

Has over 15 years’ experience, covering a multitude of roles in game operations and has worked in outsource service delivery centers across the world including UK, India, Canada and Poland.

Edd has worked with hundreds of clients from new indie developers to the largest publishers in the industry, on all formats including PC, console and mobile. He has worked on everything from QA on new hardware platforms, through to localization of large-scale MMORPGs.

Key skills include managing QA and localization strategy, scheduling and financial forecasting, mentoring and line management as well as broad experience across all production support operation disciplines and outsourced services.

Previously he was Head of Localization QA at Testronic Labs where he ran a department of up to 100 testers. Before this, Edd was at Babel Media where he undertook various roles including General Manager of India and as Pre-Production Manager which supported the global operation.

Ben Wibberley

Non-executive Advisor

Founded DAQA and has over 20 years’ experience in the video games industry primarily in global production support BPO. As a co-founder of Babel Media, he took the company from concept to being one of the largest game multi-service providers.

At DDM, he set-up up a virtual services network for self-publishing AAA game studios. Then at VMC he took responsibility for business development and account management for games and entertainment.

Having signed, grown and managed $100m’s of production support deals for QA, localization, player support and external development, Ben has an intimate knowledge of industry best practices through his work with some of the most prominent names in the industry.

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