Live Quality Ops & Fire Teams

DAQA is not a traditional outsourced QA organization. Instead, we provide studio-quality QA cohorts,  comprised of elite testers with industry experience.

Functionality QA Teams can be deployed from days to years, augmenting internal QA capacity and providing fresh eyes testing on games. Unlike other service providers, DAQA does not require retainer fees or minimum contract durations.

Platforms supported include current and next gen consoles, PC, VR, and mobile (Android & iOS, Phone & Tablet).

Once a game is launched and fully operational, DAQA also provides clients with an ongoing, live quality ops solutions, closely representing the voice of the player. Data analysis and Interpretation empowers clients to identify and triage player pain points, throughout the live game lifecycle.

DAQA staff are among the best, with industry experience, augmented by a comprehensive in-house training program, delivered by industry veterans.

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