Scaled Beta Testing

In the space between QA testing and game launch, there has traditionally existed a vacuum of uncertainty. Game teams need to assess launch-readiness at scale, with real players, in a near-to-production environment.

DAQA’s community consists of 3,500+ testers across North America, Europe and Asia, well-suited to perform an array of real-world scenario testing. From large-scale online or stress testing, to targeted game feature testing, DAQA will construct a test program to meet your needs. Platforms include current and next generation consoles, PC, VR, and mobile (Android & iOS, Phone & Tablet).

All tests include a robust set of custom-configured real-time, interactive reports, including qualitative gameplay feedback, defect analysis, player analytics, and project retrospective. Reports are delivered within 48 hours of each test.

DAQA can provide tester recordings to deliver a deeper layer of player understanding. Additional tools to provide performance benchmarking and player logging are also available.

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